You found this issue of t r a c e on your studio desk, and now you are trying to discern what this magazine is all about. To reduce it to a simple set of ideas, it offers connectivity between the layers of our college; it acts as a forum for your opinions and as a creative outlet for inspiring thought. However, t r a c e is not the only channel for these, rather, it is just one part of a wider network of on campus organizations. Unfortunately, t r a c e and other organizations within the College of Architecture and Environmental Design have difficulty getting motivated and passionate people involved. At times we hide behind our workload and use it as an excuse not to involve ourselves in many of the student operated organizations. But if no one helps, who will?

Think of this small article as an opportunity, a call to arms even, to involve yourself in a meaningful way with your major. For those who currently feel apathetic or only view the College of Architecture and Environmental Design as being made up of studio work and our required course load, I ask you to rethink this logic and see all that this college has to offer. Within CAED student organizations such as AIAS (American Institute of Architecture Students), CASU (College of Architecture Student Union), SAGE (Student Association for a Greener Environment), t r a c e, and the Lecture Series Committee exist to link the students and the college. These organizations are currently seeking to increase membership, because as past experiences have proven, decreasing interest results in the death of a vital organization. Outside of CAED there are even more ways to represent the college in the larger scope of Kent State University such as Habitat for Humanity, being a First Year Experience instructor, Undergraduate Student Government, Relay for Life, United Way, starting an intramural sport, etc.

Becoming involved can take hold of you and a domino effect begins to occur where suddenly you realize that you are not just part of one or more organizations but rather a network of people. I hope to act as an advocate for all organizations and will assist anyone in finding a creative outlet. My e-mail is
eresenic@kent.edu, feel free to contact me with any questions you have.

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