A Phoenix from the Ashes: The Rebirth of t r a c e
by julie whyte, co-editor, third year

As the first issue of t r a c e: volume 3 is coming out in December, in the middle of studio finals, some of you may be wondering: what on earth is t r a c e? For those of you who have never seen an issue of t r a c e placed on your desk before, allow me to fill you in. t r a c e was created a few years ago as Kent State’s one and only Architecture publication with the goal in mind of encouraging and increasing levels of communication within the Architecture program as well as throughout the College of Architecture and Environmental Design.

Although t r a c e held steadfast and strong for two years, a change in leadership occurred as well as a decline in staff membership. It seems that the common mentality within the student body in Architecture is “I don’t have time for anything else besides studio and classes.” Although this is a valid point, especially amidst the frenzy of studio finals, the concept of a publication that can resolve communication issues within the college is one that is vital to the college’s success.

I have noticed throughout my two and a half years in the Architecture program that communication has been a serious problem. I do not just mean communication between faculty and students, but students to students as well. With us third years holed up in the Gym Annex, fourth years on the other side of campus in Tri-Towers, and freshmen and sophomores in Taylor, miscommunication, or a complete lack of communication, is frequent as well as inevitable. Although Interior Design students share studio space with the third year and graduate Architecture students, there seems to be a divide in communication between the two groups. There may as well be a line drawn between where Architecture and Interior Design students are divided. This lack of inter-collegiate communication is frustrating and wholly counter-productive.

Fortunately, though, this is where t r a c e comes in. Anyone involved in the College of Architecture and Environmental Design can submit to t r a c e, students and faculty alike. Here is the perfect opportunity for all of you to have your voice heard. Any concerns, questions, or comments you have are welcomed to be submitted to t r a c e so that something can be done about them.

This year, t r a c e is making some changes in order to help to breach this communication gap. As well as distributing hard copies of the publication, all of our issues will be posted here on our new online home. This blog will not only serve as a means to access t r a c e electronically, but we hope that it will allow for additional input as well as ongoing discussion. Because, that’s what t r a c e should ideally be: a continual discussion in which many students give their opinions and input. We would love for t r a c e to become a catalyst for this tête-à-tête rather than a paper for people to simply read and then dispose of.
So, to all of you students out there who are working hard to endure finals: let us know what you are thinking. Share your opinion; voice your concerns. Let t r a c e become a means for you to accomplish all of this and more. Submittals may be turned in to our e-mail [tracekent@gmail.com], the aforementioned blog, as well as our facebook group. Despite t r a c e’s lack of activity in the recent past, we are back and better than ever. So, join us and become a part of this effort in breaching the great divide between members of the College of Architecture and Environmental Design.

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